Luxe Corp has not only pioneered the provision of structured business services for the luxury industry but is also at the forefront of the current evolution of the industry as it strives towards adopting modern business approaches.

To maintain this position and to continue our expansion, we constantly seeks talented individuals to join our dynamic team of Business & Research Analysts known as much for their business expertise as their creative flair and strong aesthetic appreciation.

The profiles we are attracted to are those that share our passion for luxury and are driven by excellence, perfection and constant innovation. The diversity of our team also means that we welcome profiles with an international background, a multi-cultural perspective and multiple language skills. In addition to having an excellent business background and experience in the luxury sector, the candidates we seek are energetic multi-taskers with strong written and spoken communications skills, high creativity and the disposition to thrive in an international and multi-cultural business context.

Our offers are broad-based and cover business and research analytics, strategy development and execution, operations and project management, creative writing, digital and multi-media publishing, visual arts and creative product development and assessment.

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