We are pleased that our clients and collaborators believe in our expertise, credibility and professionalism. Our work speaks for itself and our clients speak for us.

Gucci Group (on our work through Club e-Luxe)
"I really enjoyed the Club e-Luxe Summit. A full intensive day with a rich repertoire of cases and strategies for developing successful e-Luxe initiatives."

Chopard (on our work through Club e-Luxe)
"Thank you once again for this excellent and highly inspiring day. I returned to the office with so many new ideas."

Hôtel Le Meurice, Paris (on our work through Club e-Luxe)
"Club e-Luxe has become the most e-nnovative forum in luxury. Thank you for creating such energy!"

Vertu (on our work through Club e-Luxe)
"The club-like atmosphere created by Luxe Corp not only provides a more bespoke look at the future of technology in luxury but also a chance to make some quality contacts in the process"

Boucheron (on our work through Club e-Luxe)
"This summit was a real opportunity. In one day, to be able to attend business workshops of such excellent quality and to meet highly qualified professionals is rare, to underline it."

Labelux (owners of Bally) (on our work through Club e-Luxe)
"Thank you for a beautiful day packed with diverse and insightful information concerning the luxury industry today. It was a pleasure to attend and I look forward to next year"

Fabergé (on our work through Club e-Luxe)
"What can I say? The Club e-Luxe Summit was superb. I thoroughly enjoyed the day, learnt a great deal and met some interesting and talented people. Thank you!"

L’Atelier du Vin (on our work through Club e-Luxe)
"A big thanks for being so professional & for implementing such a leading summit. We are transformed."

Rémy Cointreau (on our work through Club e-Luxe)
"It was very interesting to meet very exciting people from all over the world and to share experiences. I enriched my knowledge in e-commerce in a very nice and luxurious atmosphere."

Luxe.TV (on our work through Club e-Luxe)
"My first time at Club e-Luxe Summit and the day was beyond my expectations: Great speakers, high-end audience and a very friendly environment for networking."

HP (on our work through Club e-Luxe)
"I must congratulate Luxe Corp for creating a very stimulating and engaging event. The speakers were excellent and very diverse and the overall event design was impressive."

Gilt Groupe (on our work through Club e-Luxe)
"A fantastic opportunity to listen, share and learn about various international perspectives on how luxury brands should embrace and adopt an online strategy and e-commerce. A fun and inspiring day." 

Browns (onour work through Club e-Luxe)
"A good mix of speakers touching on subjects that broaden the cyberspace business and points to the future. Listening to the advice of experienced people is reassuring. I look forward to the next Club e-Luxe Summit."  

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