The luxury industry is intriguing and evokes powerful emotions, passions and respect. Its operations are vast and its management systems require an intricate blending of business know-how, aesthetic appreciation and creative talent.

Its business strategies, techniques and processes are neither generalist nor transferable. They are unique to luxury. Their application requires unique skill. This is where the challenge lies and this is where Luxe Corp’s expertise becomes imperative.

As the pioneer strategy & management consulting company specialized in luxury, our proven track-record has led to the execution of business projects for some of the world’s most respected luxury brands; the turn-around of ‘come-back’ luxury brands; and the launch of new brands in categories including women’s and men’s fashion, leather goods, accessories, jewellery & watches, beauty & fragrance, mobile phones, wines & spirits, fine food & gastronomy, home fashion, the arts, hotels & spas, media and retail.

Our proven excellence originates from a customized consulting approach, an unwavering focus on long-term results and sustainability, partnership with clients and flexibility in business approaches. This, combined with the expertise and advanced sector knowledge of our passionate team provides a source of real value to our clients that is difficult to replicate.

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