Luxe-Mag.Com is one of the pioneer and foremost luxury business magazines online. Created in 2006 by Luxe Corp with its first edition published in January 2007, Luxe-Mag.Com provides strategic evaluation of critical issues in the luxury business through rich and extensively researched articles written to precision.

Produced fully in English and French through a balanced mix of text, visuals and multi-media, Luxe- Mag.Com offers eight sections, covering both the business and creative dimensions of luxury. The magazine has amassed several hundreds of thousands of readers per edition and has an archive of nearly 500 articles offering an in- depth analytical dimension and serious insight into luxury.

With eight sections constantly updated with interviews of key luxury influencers, Luxe-Mag.Com has become the online destination for luxury practitioners and consumers seeking a profound understanding of the luxury business.

Luxe-Mag.Com has also partnered with the luxury industry’s key events in recent years, including several years of partnership with the International Herald Tribune‟s annual luxury conference, the China Luxury Summit, the FT Business of Luxury Summit, the Global Luxury Forum, Atualuxo and a host of others.

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