Luxury Online

Luxury Online – Styles, Systems, Strategies by Luxe Corp’s Executive Director, Uché Okonkwo, with a Foreword by Mark Dunhill, former CEO of Fabergé, is the first book to critically analyze the business of luxury in the context of the internet, digital media, new technologies and innovation.

Published in 2010 by Palgrave Macmillan, the book offers a comprehensive evaluation and critical assessment of the strategies, systems, applications, techniques and tactics required for every aspect of the digital business, from strategy to execution.

Written for luxury professionals seeking answers to the challenges of the digital world both in the business and creative facets, Luxury Online offers insights into relevant issues including social media, website design strategies, multi-media and multi-channel communications, e-retail approaches, mobile marketing, e-branding, the online luxury consumer, applied technologies and innovation in product development, store retail, merchandizing, channel integration and more. It also introduces the innovative concept of the “luxemosphere” as tool for creating a luxurious online experience.

The book is presented in a clear and engaging language and in full colour with ample images and visual illustrations and will make engaging reading for anyone seeking to understand how the digital revolution has transformed luxury; or those simply looking to use luxury as a benchmark.

Luxury Online is available from major book retailers worldwide and online.
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