Luxe Corp is proud to support the Aurora Foundation, a dynamic charity foundation that aims to enhance and strengthen cultural and humanitarian activities in several countries in Africa and Europe.

The foundation emphasizes on supporting initiatives that can make a difference and that inject hope and optimism into a community. With the motto of providing financial support to individuals, associations, organisations and communities and to ensuring assistance to those living in hardship as a result of sickness, accidents or other misfortune, Aurora Foundation is capitalized with over US$9 million, most of which are channelled to different charity initiatives.

Aurora Foundation has recently supported education, creativity and humanitarian activities in Sierra Leone, Mozambique and Iceland, providing financial support of US$1 million in 2009. Beneficiaries obtained not only substantial financial support but also deep involvement by Aurora, thereby strengthening the likelihood of a successful outcome. In some cases, Aurora Foundation has also initiated projects in collaboration with the parties involved.

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